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Joost open to the public

I have remarked in the past about Joost. My reaction to the site was positive, my reaction to the content was less than enthusiastic. However now it is open to the public, it has much more content and the functionality is also improved.

It is the content that will make Joost the television of the future. Joost now has 285 chanels and offers 14,688 as of today. How are we going to find anything?

Enter OnTheToobe a guide to Joost with an rss feed.  So if you want to watch CNN or CBS or a channel about bicycle racing or Hindi music videos or foot ball from Nicaragua or The Onion News Network, which is hilarious by the way OnTheToob can help.

Joost is built on a P2P technology by the guys that invented Kazza and Skype. So The more it’s used the better it will get, theoretically. There are a couple competators to Joost Bablegum and Veoh and I will be looking in to the soon

So far I’m liking what I’m seeing.


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