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Vista is coming are you ready

I built a computer for my son as a Christmas present and I had a choice should I put on Umbuntu (my first choice) he didn’t want it. I could have  paid $100 for XP but that was going to stretch my Christmas budget or I could have paid Microsoft $10 for Vista RC1 (release candidate 1) . It seemed obvious to me to try the Vista.

I built it on an 5 year old Pentium 4 machine that I bought at an auction for  $60. I put a big hard drive in it and 1 gig of RAM. I used the video card out of my sons old computer.

The computer worked well the only glitch is he had one month to register it and it shut itself down so that is an issue that I have to deal with this week.

I’ll let you know how it goes


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Video Jug to the rescue

Are you dreading the Christmas party coming up here is a survival manual from Video Jug

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Tune Find

So your watching TV maybe The OC or Grey’s Anatomy and you hear a great song. Now you’ve heard the song before but don’t know the name of the band let alone the song title.

What are you to do? I stumbled across Tune Find the other day. They provide a data base of songs from TV and movies and  if you want to buy it on  I tunes they provide a link.

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Pandora comes to Denver

Tim Westergen the founder of Pandora is going around the country and having meetups. Last night he stopped in Denver and had so many responses that he had to do it in two sessions.

He talked about the history and of Pandora and gave us some peaks at new features that they hope to roll out. A very nice evening spent with interesting geeks. All the best Tim and thank you for inventing Pandora and the many hours of great listening and the new bands I have discovered

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Google is amazing!!

Now I’m going to sound like a complete Google fan boy but I’m blown away all of the cool applications that they keep leaking out.

Ive commented on Google Earth before but I don’t I’ve mentioned SketchUp SketchUp is a light weight drawing program kind of CAD for beginners. So you can draw a building paste a photograph on it then export it to Google Earth. Really quite remarkable.

How about Google Notebook its still in the Labs section and as near as I can tell that means they are still adding features it now supports collaboration, very handy.

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Today is Blog Day!

Today is blog day a cool concept the idea is you recomend five blogs that are important or interesting to you.

First is Boing Boing a directory of wonderful things.

Second Lawrence Lessig’s Blog. Lessig is a law professor and an an advocate for Net netrality and open scorce software

Third  Anne’s Food Anne is from Sweden and has a great blog with wonderful and mouth wattering pictures

Fourth Pictures I like for a Variety Of Reasons Prety much self explanitory

And fifth the Alternitive Energy Blog

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Cnet TV

Check out Cnet TV just laucnched, still in beta great interface great content.

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Net neutrality

Are you trying to figure out this Net Neutrality thing? Read Molly Wood’s article. Molly Wood, Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont do the daily Buzz Out Loud podcast from CNET I listen every day.

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Sports and Google Earth

What a great time for the sports fan The World Cup, Wimbledon and my favorite The Tour de France. Want to be a little interactive?

First download the new version of Google Earth version 4.0 was released in June and it has a much-improved interface.

Next go to the Google Earth Community and make Google Earth even more interesting. The Google Earth Community adds place marks on the map of interesting places, current events and sports

Follow this link for The World Cup

This one for Wimbledon

And this one for The Tour de France

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New Photo sites

I'm a big fan of Flickr but I can see there is room for other photo sites.

The first is Photobucket it is clean easy to use and is designed to make it easy to share your photos on Myspace or other blob sites.

The second one I found is Tabblo it lets you be as creative with your presentation as you are with your photos.

Third is Zooomer this site combines photos with geotagging so not only can you see were the photos were taken but you can see photos that were taken nearby

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