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Ortsbo We live in amazing times. There has never been a time in the history of the world that we can directly communicate person to person with as many people in the world as we can right now. One more hurdle has just been cleared in interpersonal communication.Youtube
Ortsbo is real time translation for chat. you type in English your friend in Beijing reads it in real time in Chinese he reply’s in Finnish you read it in French. It works in 50 languages and is available in iPad/iPhone, Android Windows Phone 7 and there is an Alpha version for Outlook. You can chat in Google Talk, MSN Live Messenger, Facebook Chat or Twitter looks interesting to me. Let me see who do I want to talk to ……. There was that girl in Sweden I meet that one time


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I believe I witnessed history tonight. Spending your Friday night on the web watching a new web service launch is geeky even by my standards but this was special. Wolfram|Alpha is a new kind of tool it doesn’t search the web and bring you pages like Google does it computes the answer to a question.

Ask about a city and it gives population, map current time and weather and a map.  Ask about a petroleum and it gives the chemical formula the flash point the density and the chemical identifiers. Enter a date and you know how many days, months, years ago it was and what phase the moon was in but what major events happened. Turns out nothing of interest happened on the day of my birth but maybe that was just an oversight  it’s just hours old after all. Ask about Xerox it will tell you all kinds of stock related info that I don’t understand (charts and graphs included)  and that it has 57,000 employees and it’s based in Stamford Conn.

But the real advantage will come for engineers,  mathematicians, I just figured a 30year 5.5% mortgage on $150,ooo This a very powerful tool

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Blip FM

blipfm_lg By this time many of you have tried Twitter. It’s hit the mainstream Brittany Spears and Ashton Kutcher have past President Obama in popularity. Maybe it’s jumped the shark or maybe it’s going to be so mainstream that it will become as ubiquitous as e-mail. I’ve been a casual Twitterer for a year or so now and I just don’t think I have that much I can say in 140 characters or less.

However a couple of weeks ago I found Blip FM maybe it just appeals to my inner DJ maybe I need some direction but a Twitter like client that is focused on music is just more interesting. Give it a try

One of the things I like about this is that they seem to have a solid business model. Darned important considering SeeqPod which I also love looks like it was forced into bankruptcy.

Blip FM is a great way to discover music from people who have simmilar musical tastes or just dip your toe into the stream and sample what the crowd is listening to.

If you would like to see what I’m listening to: visit my BlipFM

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Pirate Bay Trial

pirate-bay-logoI was reading about the pirate bay trial and the thing I’m coming away with is the prosecution is trying to find out two things who runs the company and how much money they are making off of this venture. The testimony suggests that there is no real structure the guys that work there do things when they need to get done, no one is in charge they work as a collective, there isn’t that much money one of the guys said if we need money for something we just tell the others we need it and we take it but they don’t work there for the money because they could make more money if they worked in the strait world. they work for the work

When asked about his view of the law as it related to copyrights, Neij said that he doesn’t worry much about the law, doesn’t care about the ideology behind (some) file-swapping, and does what he does because it’s fun to run a large site. He did indicate that he thought the site was legal.
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t wear a scruffy little beard, but does—one Swedish commentator referred to him today as a prototypical “datanörd” (data nerd). He took the stand today and showed the same lack of apparent interest in ownership, contracts, and legal papers as Fredrik Neij.
Prosecutors are trying to show that there is a lot of cash and there is some one in charge and they can’t seem to get to the bottom of the case. An interesting clash of cultures
Read more about it in Ars tecnica article

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Google Chrome

chromelogoGoogle has released it’s browser. It is now out of Beta and you should download it and try it out.

Here is why it is faster, cleaner and gives you more screan real estate. When you open a new tab Chrome shows you the 9 pages you visit the most and the last 9 bookmarks you made. The tabs are above the address bar that gives a cleaner look to the page.  But mostly it is faster dramaticly faster at rendering pages.

Security is enhanced in Chrome the browser keeps two blacklists (one for phishing and one for malware), and warns users when they try to access those sites

If you use other Google services, Gmail, Google documents, Calendar and Reader you will find that they in  integrate better.

Downside No Mac or Linux implimintation yet no independent applications .


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Music Services part 1

I try all the new music services. I’ve written  about Pandora. and Seeqpod in the past. I’ve tried Last FM .

In the last couple weeks I’ve been playing with Grooveshark and Lala

groovesharklogo Grooveshark has been around since 2006 but when I first tried it out I found it to be unwieldy. I am much more positive about it now. Here are it’s strong points. Search over  6 million songs play them an unlimited number of times for free. Make play lists and share them with friends. You can upload all the songs on your computer and listen to them from any internet computer.

Grooveshark gives you the ability to make widgets and put them on your website. I tried it out and it worked well. I was going to put it up here but I hate being subjected to other peoples music so I won’t impose my idea of good music on you. On the other hand if you want to see my music go to browse people and look for jimlyons (one word no caps)

Grooveshark is also a great way to find new music. As you choose songs for your que there is an auto play button that will populate the que with simmilar songs. The revenue model advertising. I hope it works out for them in these hard economic times

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Website for a new Administration

President Elect Barock Obama, I just love to say that, owes a good deal of his sucess in the election to his online presence. His web site designed by Blue State Digital gave him the ability to raise an unpresedted amount of money, a platform to manage his email and make people feel they were part of the campain.

I was trying to imagine the next step one would go with all the information that has been acumulated and then yesterday up pops from the office of the Presedent Elect.


On the web site you can read the blog, watch videos, read about the appointments, share your vision and apply for a job.

It’s quite remarkable what maybe possible when the people will be able interact with their government

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AmazonMP3 better than iTunes

Amazon has launched their new music

amazon-mp3-logo1.gifdownload site. Most songs are 99 cents some songs are only 89 cents

I believe iTunes has real competition in the music download arena.

Amazon’s downloads are DRM free MP3 files. With no copy restrictions so you can play the music you buy on any device you want.

I downloaded a couple of songs today to try it out and they downloaded a 256 bit version installed themselves into the My Music file of my computer along with the cover art.

Not all the record labels offer their music with out restriction but the tide is turning

I am very impressed by how well it works. Well done Amazon

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Google Earth and Sky

Google Earth has done it again the newest version of Google earth lets you explore the universe as we have explored the Earth

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Video Jug to the rescue

Are you dreading the Christmas party coming up here is a survival manual from Video Jug

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