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Disaster Tracking

The Havaria Information Service of Budapest Hungry has a web site that chronicles, in real time, emergencies and disasters from around the world. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, epidemics and any other disaster you can imagine is tracked in real time and mashed up with a Google map. It’s darn impressive if a little bit  depressing.


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Sports and Google Earth

What a great time for the sports fan The World Cup, Wimbledon and my favorite The Tour de France. Want to be a little interactive?

First download the new version of Google Earth version 4.0 was released in June and it has a much-improved interface.

Next go to the Google Earth Community and make Google Earth even more interesting. The Google Earth Community adds place marks on the map of interesting places, current events and sports

Follow this link for The World Cup

This one for Wimbledon

And this one for The Tour de France

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New Photo sites

I'm a big fan of Flickr but I can see there is room for other photo sites.

The first is Photobucket it is clean easy to use and is designed to make it easy to share your photos on Myspace or other blob sites.

The second one I found is Tabblo it lets you be as creative with your presentation as you are with your photos.

Third is Zooomer this site combines photos with geotagging so not only can you see were the photos were taken but you can see photos that were taken nearby

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Great Google Map Mashup

This is the best Google Map mashup I've seen yet. 2000 Census data and maps thanks to Lifehacker

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