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HP moving into gaming big time

Hewlett Packard is coming out with a gaming machine it’s goingblack bird to be called the Blackbird. HP long known for it’s gray bussines look but you know that there are guys working there that are full on gamers.

It must have been alot of fun to build a full on gaming machine here are some of the stats.

AMD dual core 64 bit processor or Intel Core 2 Extreme. Five hard drive bays, two PCI express graphic slots, four DIMM slots suporting up to 8 gigs of RAM, water cooled complete specs at Blackbird specs. If you would like your opinion heard on the design there is a Wiki where you can sound off


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Micro pumps for micro cooling

A group a Purdue University is working on a silicon chip that has it's own liquid cooling system including a micro pump to pump water through 100 micron channels in the chip.

As computing moves ahead the cooling demands will become an even greater challange. read more at Suvalleynews 

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Apple Bootcamp

The net is all a buzz this morning with the Apple announcement that the new Intel Macs will be able to dual boot in OSX and Windows. I have always been a Windows guy for a couple reasons first I all ways want to be on the system that is 90% of operating system. That argument is now gone. Second I love building my own machine.

However the design part of me loves the Macs

If I am running Windows on a new Mac am I subject to the virus and spyware as the usual Windows Machine?

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Origami Unveiled

Microsoft announced this weak that the origami project is anew class of computers the Ultra Mobile PC These computers are the go anywhere do anything computers that if they live up to the hype (which has been considerable) and are not priced too much ( not more than $1000) and have adequate battery life and have internet connectivity that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Well that’s a lot to ask. Oh ya will they be able to run Vista. Well life is a journey and this looks like it will be a big step on the road. Samsung and Asus seem best positioned to roll the first ones out maybe as early as April.

Read more at Microsoft Ultra Pc or Origami or go to Robert Scoble’s Channel 9 for an interview with Otto Berkes is the architect (now general manager) behind the Ultra-Mobile PC team

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Apple Wow

I’m not and never have been a big apple fan but I watched Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld. Wow the new MacBook Pro looks fabulous.

Intel dual core processor, 15.4inch display, 100gig hard drive a weighs only 5 pounds and is 1inch thick. I got to get my hands on one of these. I can’t say I’m crazy about the name but hey I thought the ipod was a dumb name and they’ve sold a bunch of them.

Visit Apple to look them over

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Sony Electronic Book Reader

The first cool product out of this years CES is the Sony Electronic Book Reader. About the size of a paperback book but thinner (about 13mm 1/2 inch) it will hold hundreds of books in flash memory down loadable from the Internet. It will also be used to view blogs. Completly portable with long battery life this looks like a real break thou we should see it in stores this spring. I haven’t seen a price yet read more about it at Sony

Two things come to mind here first how will Sony react when people start downloading books via bit torrent. Oh you know it will happen. Second will book publishers set up their own version of the RIAA to try and crush what they view as a threat to their business.

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