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Pirate Bay Trial

pirate-bay-logoI was reading about the pirate bay trial and the thing I’m coming away with is the prosecution is trying to find out two things who runs the company and how much money they are making off of this venture. The testimony suggests that there is no real structure the guys that work there do things when they need to get done, no one is in charge they work as a collective, there isn’t that much money one of the guys said if we need money for something we just tell the others we need it and we take it but they don’t work there for the money because they could make more money if they worked in the strait world. they work for the work

When asked about his view of the law as it related to copyrights, Neij said that he doesn’t worry much about the law, doesn’t care about the ideology behind (some) file-swapping, and does what he does because it’s fun to run a large site. He did indicate that he thought the site was legal.
Gottfrid Svartholm Warg is exactly the sort of person who shouldn’t wear a scruffy little beard, but does—one Swedish commentator referred to him today as a prototypical “datanörd” (data nerd). He took the stand today and showed the same lack of apparent interest in ownership, contracts, and legal papers as Fredrik Neij.
Prosecutors are trying to show that there is a lot of cash and there is some one in charge and they can’t seem to get to the bottom of the case. An interesting clash of cultures
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