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New products new web services and just way cool design

Google Chrome

chromelogoGoogle has released it’s browser. It is now out of Beta and you should download it and try it out.

Here is why it is faster, cleaner and gives you more screan real estate. When you open a new tab Chrome shows you the 9 pages you visit the most and the last 9 bookmarks you made. The tabs are above the address bar that gives a cleaner look to the page.  But mostly it is faster dramaticly faster at rendering pages.

Security is enhanced in Chrome the browser keeps two blacklists (one for phishing and one for malware), and warns users when they try to access those sites

If you use other Google services, Gmail, Google documents, Calendar and Reader you will find that they in  integrate better.

Downside No Mac or Linux implimintation yet no independent applications .



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Music Services part 1

I try all the new music services. I’ve written  about Pandora. and Seeqpod in the past. I’ve tried Last FM .

In the last couple weeks I’ve been playing with Grooveshark and Lala

groovesharklogo Grooveshark has been around since 2006 but when I first tried it out I found it to be unwieldy. I am much more positive about it now. Here are it’s strong points. Search over  6 million songs play them an unlimited number of times for free. Make play lists and share them with friends. You can upload all the songs on your computer and listen to them from any internet computer.

Grooveshark gives you the ability to make widgets and put them on your website. I tried it out and it worked well. I was going to put it up here but I hate being subjected to other peoples music so I won’t impose my idea of good music on you. On the other hand if you want to see my music go to browse people and look for jimlyons (one word no caps)

Grooveshark is also a great way to find new music. As you choose songs for your que there is an auto play button that will populate the que with simmilar songs. The revenue model advertising. I hope it works out for them in these hard economic times

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