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evernote1As I grow older I find that memories are in there but seem to be harder to pull up, very frustrating at times. In the Harry Potter books Professor Dumbldore had a gadget called a pensive. Dumbldore could down load his memories to be viewed later. I have something almost as good Evernote

Evernote can keep you orginized and give you acess to all thoes pesky memories. Evernote can be downloaded to your computer then sync to the Evernote servers so it can be acessed from any computer

This is a screen shot of Evernote showing an article discribing  how fuel cells work I have pulled this up when talking to people about fuel cells. Evernote works with Windows, MacOS, iPhone and Windows Moble OS or even on a flash drive. You can save text, photos, videos

Here is an example you are at lunch, you have a great idea, you pull out a pencil and jot it down on a napkin then pull out your cell phone snap a photo of it and send it on to Evernote. Two months later you recall that napkin and do a search for a word that you joted down and vola. It will recognize the your handwriting on the photo of the napkin


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