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Veoh TV

Veoh TV is callenging Joost for the leader in the online TV application both are very well designed both use P2P technology to deliver their content and they both load quickly with out apreciable buffering time.

They bill them selves as a full-screen, high resolution, ‘TV-like’ experience and in Web 2.0 fashion you can participate in the community and invite friends, rate, comment, and share videos.

Premium content delivery over the internet is going to be huge. People want to watch when and where they want.  So the front runner could have a  huge advantage.

Veho is out of  beta and has 149 channels including NBC and CBS. CBS 20 or so shows some with only one episode some with a dozen or more.  NBC has Heroes and the Office and My Name is Earl. I tried watching The Office and it was a much better experience than trying to watch it at

Today Digg had 90 clips. CNET had 75 clips. Classsic TV has episodes of Bonanza, The Lucy Show, The Beverly Hillbillies, Dragnet and Andy Griffith  Show.   Cally Lewis’s Geekbreif TV has 93 episodes up. The High Times Potcast has 73 episodes your not going to see this on mainstream TV.

Hubble Space Telescope has 85 episodes this is about my favorite so far. Among the channels I want to check out are The Science Channel, Ecogeeks and Wickedawsomefilms.

How many sites like this will there be room for?


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Joost open to the public

I have remarked in the past about Joost. My reaction to the site was positive, my reaction to the content was less than enthusiastic. However now it is open to the public, it has much more content and the functionality is also improved.

It is the content that will make Joost the television of the future. Joost now has 285 chanels and offers 14,688 as of today. How are we going to find anything?

Enter OnTheToobe a guide to Joost with an rss feed.  So if you want to watch CNN or CBS or a channel about bicycle racing or Hindi music videos or foot ball from Nicaragua or The Onion News Network, which is hilarious by the way OnTheToob can help.

Joost is built on a P2P technology by the guys that invented Kazza and Skype. So The more it’s used the better it will get, theoretically. There are a couple competators to Joost Bablegum and Veoh and I will be looking in to the soon

So far I’m liking what I’m seeing.

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No not like I Dream of Geni or Aladdin genibeta.jpgand Geni this is Geni as in genealogy. I know this is a subject that is well covered on the internet. One of the “killer aps of the new internet in the 1990’s was genealogical research looking at old birth and death records of your ancestors is compelling to many people and if you are one than check this out.

It is a great interface for building and online family tree and it has social networking features and if your going to network with anyone why not your family?

It’s still in beta and if you need an invite please email me and I’ll send one out to you.

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