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AmazonMP3 better than iTunes

Amazon has launched their new music

amazon-mp3-logo1.gifdownload site. Most songs are 99 cents some songs are only 89 cents

I believe iTunes has real competition in the music download arena.

Amazon’s downloads are DRM free MP3 files. With no copy restrictions so you can play the music you buy on any device you want.

I downloaded a couple of songs today to try it out and they downloaded a 256 bit version installed themselves into the My Music file of my computer along with the cover art.

Not all the record labels offer their music with out restriction but the tide is turning

I am very impressed by how well it works. Well done Amazon


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HP moving into gaming big time

Hewlett Packard is coming out with a gaming machine it’s goingblack bird to be called the Blackbird. HP long known for it’s gray bussines look but you know that there are guys working there that are full on gamers.

It must have been alot of fun to build a full on gaming machine here are some of the stats.

AMD dual core 64 bit processor or Intel Core 2 Extreme. Five hard drive bays, two PCI express graphic slots, four DIMM slots suporting up to 8 gigs of RAM, water cooled complete specs at Blackbird specs. If you would like your opinion heard on the design there is a Wiki where you can sound off

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