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Google Earth and Sky

Google Earth has done it again the newest version of Google earth lets you explore the universe as we have explored the Earth


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Disaster Tracking

The Havaria Information Service of Budapest Hungry has a web site that chronicles, in real time, emergencies and disasters from around the world. Floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, epidemics and any other disaster you can imagine is tracked in real time and mashed up with a Google map. It’s darn impressive if a little bit  depressing.

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New Media and the evolving internet

I have been looking into new internet applications for a while and have been holding off reviewing them. I wanted to give them a chance and not jump too early.

Joost is created by created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (founders of Skype and Kazaa) and like Skype and Kazaa it uses peer-to peer technology. Joost is very sound very stable and delivers  brilliant sharp video. I love the look and feel of the site. Now here’s the problem I don’t see any content that I like, I mean I have looked  and I haven’t found much I want to watch. So my verdict This is the future of television and as more stations come onto the Joost the more important it will be.

Today I installed Tubes it is still in Beta and I had some issues installing  the application but in about a half hour I got it running. So what is it? It is a way for you to make your own channels to bring in the content you want or more importantly for you to publish your own content It is very early in it’s development but I am impressed.

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So I was watching Elizabethtown and there is a little snippet of a song  that I really liked or at lest I wanted to listen to now it isn’t so great that I wanted to buy the whole cd. I won’t buy DRMed music This gave me a chance to try out

The way Seeqpod works is it searches internet databases and then plays the song. Pretty neat huh? But thats not all you can embed the song so I wrote a web page and copied the embed code and stored it on my flash drive. So I paid nothing for the song I don’t have the song but I can listen to it as long as the song languishes some server somewhere in the world.

The song is “It’ll all work out” by Tom Petty and it sits on a server in Russia but it loads and plays almost instantly

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