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Pandora comes to Denver

Tim Westergen the founder of Pandora is going around the country and having meetups. Last night he stopped in Denver and had so many responses that he had to do it in two sessions.

He talked about the history and of Pandora and gave us some peaks at new features that they hope to roll out. A very nice evening spent with interesting geeks. All the best Tim and thank you for inventing Pandora and the many hours of great listening and the new bands I have discovered


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Google is amazing!!

Now I’m going to sound like a complete Google fan boy but I’m blown away all of the cool applications that they keep leaking out.

Ive commented on Google Earth before but I don’t I’ve mentioned SketchUp SketchUp is a light weight drawing program kind of CAD for beginners. So you can draw a building paste a photograph on it then export it to Google Earth. Really quite remarkable.

How about Google Notebook its still in the Labs section and as near as I can tell that means they are still adding features it now supports collaboration, very handy.

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