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Invisibility Cloak, the next big thing?

Did you ever want an invisibility cloak? There are two papers in the current journal Science that suggest that not only is it possible it’s not very far away. The National Geographic article gives an idea of how it would work. Sorry no working models yet.

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Ninetendo shows off Wii

Ninetendo's press conference at E3 shows off the new Wii I'm still not wild about the name but it will become part of the vocabulary.

The controller looks great and with new Zelda, Metroid Prime, Mario, Madden Football and Final Fantasy they have a great bunch off new games coming.

Still no price but they promise that we will have it before the end of the year. See the video of the press conference at 

One thing they told us is that the Wii console powers down but doesn't really turn off. That means there will be less time for the game to load and if it is connected to the Internet other people will be able to interact with your game even when your not playing. Is that cool or what?  

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