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Revolution good Wii not so good

I've been a huge Nintendo fan for a long time (can't wait for the new Zelda) and have been eagerly waiting for the new platform. In the current fashion there has been a development name (think Longhorn becomes Vista) and then when the product is ready to launch a new name is announced. 

So the product that we have been thinking of as Revolution will be released as Wii. huh?

Wii what the? There was a rumor that the new name would be named Go and someone has pointed out that Go is an unGoogleabe word. But really Wii couldn't they come up with a better name. 


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Micro pumps for micro cooling

A group a Purdue University is working on a silicon chip that has it's own liquid cooling system including a micro pump to pump water through 100 micron channels in the chip.

As computing moves ahead the cooling demands will become an even greater challange. read more at Suvalleynews 

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Wow I’m even more impressed by Google

Tom Barton of Rackable Systems thinks that Google has 100,000 to 200,000 servers. And spends between $25 and $50 million dollars a year  to power those severs and another 60% to cool them so $40 to $80 million dollars to operate their site That’s enough to power a city of 35,000 people.

Hear his presintation at It Conversations 

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Angels and Airwaves

I never intended this column to be about music and then again I've never heard Angels and Airwaves. They are going to be huge.

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Free Wi-fi in Colorado

After the stories about uphill struggle for free Wi-fi in Philadelphia and in San Fransisco Colorado is quietly becoming a Wi-fi friendly state. Boulder, Glenwood Springs and Frisco have city funded Wi-fi and now the Denver partnership is bringing free Wi-fi to the downtown 16th street Mall.

Kiva Networks has the contract to install and maintain the Wi-fi system. Kiva also maintains the free Wi-fi system in the North Cherry Creek shopping district.  

Read more about in the Denver Post article

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Cool Links

John Cambers over at One Minute Tip Podcast alerted us to the Google Guide

The Weby Awards nominees are out check out some of the great sites I loved are Brenda Ann Kenneally's site and for this arm chair traveler Lonely Planet.

Tuesday April18th is the 100th anniversary of the Great San Francisco check out the JPL website on the earthquake studies

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Facebook and BuzzShout

There have been reports that the social networking site Facebook, kind of MySpace for college kids is up for sale. The amazing thing is the owners reportedly turned down 750 million dollars they say they want 2 Billion.

Now Facebook has had phenomenal growth in the past 6 months but to turn down 750 Mil what are these guys smoking?

Have you checked out Are you into Web2.0? Would you like to browse the newest sites and review them. This is the place.

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More on Apple Bootcamp

My friend Chet Fitzpatrick who knows much more about Apple than I do tells me that the running the Windows OS on the Mac would not compromise the system. I was following his argument yesterday as he explained it to me but I've lost the thread of it this morning.

Now here is another question will Apple sell OSX to run on my homemade machine?

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Apple Bootcamp

The net is all a buzz this morning with the Apple announcement that the new Intel Macs will be able to dual boot in OSX and Windows. I have always been a Windows guy for a couple reasons first I all ways want to be on the system that is 90% of operating system. That argument is now gone. Second I love building my own machine.

However the design part of me loves the Macs

If I am running Windows on a new Mac am I subject to the virus and spyware as the usual Windows Machine?

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Another great Firefox Extension MyStickies

Doing research those little sticky notes are so helpful. Now there are MyStickies that you can use on a web page. You must have Firefox 1.5 and you have to sign up for an account but once you have them set up they are easy to create their tagable and you can go back to the sites you have noted by visiting their dashboard. The best thing next time you visit the site you put a note on it's still there. It is so Web 2.0 I love it.

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