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Great Google Map Mashup

This is the best Google Map mashup I've seen yet. 2000 Census data and maps thanks to Lifehacker


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Youtube Videos for everyone

Quiet on the set! Roll film and Action!
Have you found Youtube .com? Amber Macarthur and Leo Laporte interviewed Steven Chen on Inside the Net. Steven is one of the founders of Youtube a Flickr for videos. The growth of Youtube has been amazing, from launch to more than 15 million views a day in a year. I have watched videos that ranged from funny to down right stupid. What is unclear is how a site pushing this kind of huge band width is financed. With this many page views there has to be some kind of advertising model that would work but with Yahoo having trouble making money on Flickr you have to wonder. The really innovative thing is that you can up load videos in 4 formats and they are converted to flash for fast play back. I loved one about a guy named Matt that danced around the world and Myspace the movie.

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Vista delayed again

Vista the new operating system from Microsoft is going to be
delayed again. There is trouble in Redmond and employees are not happy. An
unidentified Microsoft employee calls Fire the Leadership now. And that may
just be in the works with the elevation of Steven Sinofsky to the head of the
operating system division.

But tell me what the new operating system is going to do that’s
so compiling that I want Vista?

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New Underwater Scooter

Is this cool or what! Check out ScoobaDo it’s an under water scooter. Say good bye to face masks and air tank and  diving weights it’s all on ScoobaDo why you don’t evan really need to be a swimmer.

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Protecting Intellectual property when is enough too much?

Mother Jones has a good article on Intellectual Property Run Amok

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Podcst to Vidcast to Internet Radio

One thing leads to another I was listening to Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur’s podcast Inside the Net They were talking about a new show from Microsoft called 10.

I was surprised that I hadn’t heard about it. I found that 10 is a web TV show from the people at Microsoft it is hosted by Tina Wood and Laura Foy of the G4 network. The show is edgy diverse and very un Microsoft. Their first show was Monday March 13.

The first 10 was a visit to the Seattle Internet radio 10 logo.jpgstation KEXP So this is not you’re your regular radio station much more cutting edge than commercial radio with no commercials. And much more polished than the amateurish podcasts that have limited play lists. Sometimes the reason bands don’t have record deals is there just not very good.

In the past hour or so I have heard The White Stripes, U2,Radiohead, Echo and the Bunnymen and Jane’s Addiction. I can’t figure out their business model but I’ll listen for a while and see if I can figure it out.

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Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has started a podcast TalkCrunch.

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Origami Unveiled

Microsoft announced this weak that the origami project is anew class of computers the Ultra Mobile PC These computers are the go anywhere do anything computers that if they live up to the hype (which has been considerable) and are not priced too much ( not more than $1000) and have adequate battery life and have internet connectivity that won’t cost an arm and a leg. Well that’s a lot to ask. Oh ya will they be able to run Vista. Well life is a journey and this looks like it will be a big step on the road. Samsung and Asus seem best positioned to roll the first ones out maybe as early as April.

Read more at Microsoft Ultra Pc or Origami or go to Robert Scoble’s Channel 9 for an interview with Otto Berkes is the architect (now general manager) behind the Ultra-Mobile PC team

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