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Online Photo Editing with PXN8

PXN8 is an online photo editing service. There is nothing to download no plugins or software to install. It is all done in HTML, CSS and JavaScript so it will work on all modern browsers or any platform.

Just chose a photo from the Internet or your hard drive edit it and save it to your hard drive. PXN8 doesn’t have all the functionality of Photoshop but hey it’s free.

PXN8 is the flagship product of Sxoop Technologies a software development company from Cork Ireland. PXN8 is available for you to install on your own server and available for rebranding.


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Findory and Newvine

How do you get news TV, radio, print, or is MSN or Yahoo your news source? You should try these two new sites Findory and Newsvine.

First, Findory because it’s public. I first went to Findory last summer it was starting to get some press. I think I found it at Forbes Best of the web. You can read News feeds and blog feeds and the site seems to track the things your reading. Findory seems to promote the stories it thinks you will like. Pretty cool and it would take some one a lot smarter than me to explain how it works.

Newsvine is still in private beta and is available by invitation only. Newsvine is more involved you can search for stories or blogs but you can also comment on any story or write you own story. Here is the really interesting part Newvine will split the money that’s generated by your blog story or comment. You don’t even have to write to influence the site; you can add stories by pointing to other sites you have read.

Newsvine uses the Associated Press as it’s news service but I like Findory use of the BBC, Reuters, Slate, The New York Times and lots more.

I said Newsvine was by invitation only I have fifteen invites left if you would like try it just click the comment button and leave your e-mail address.

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Read about the $200 Billion Broadband Scandal

Okay now I am really mad. This worse than not having Jetson cars, worse than not having a moon base. It’s worse because we have all paid for this. I want my high speed Internet. I urge you to read this article “The $200 Billion Broadband Scandal.” — AKA Where’s the 45MB/s I Already Paid for! by Sascha Meinrath.

or go buy Bruce Kushnick’s book

In a nutshell the phone companies have already been paid to roll out really high-speed Internet access and have pocketed the money. We are falling behind other countries in the world and it’s costing us. Costing us in economic growth and it’s costing us our future

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