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Firefox 2.0

I love Firefox and I thought version 1.5 was an improvement. PC Magazine reports that version 2.0 will be out this summer. Ben Goodger, Firefox’s chief engineer said that we can look forward to a cleaner interface and improved RSS handling. Oh yeah and an inline spell checker I could use that.

I wrote about Hyperwords last week but I also like Fasterfox, foxytunes and Gmail space.


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An Interesting Search Alternative

Interested in a search alternative? Derek Franklin has a great Flash based search portal. Whonu not only gives you lots of search options but a very slick interface. This site is well worth book marking.

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Google Book Search,Laurence Lessig and Compelling Presentation

Digging into the Google Book Search fair use controversy I came across Laurence Lessig’s blog. In it he writes:

Google has been sued by the Authors Guild, and a number of individual authors. This follows similar threats hinted at by the American Association of Publishers. The authors and the publishers consider Google’s latest fantastic idea, Google Print — a project to Google-ize 20,000,000 books — to be “massive copyright infringement.” They have asked a federal court to shut Google Print down.

I applaud his stand and agree. I also love his video treatment of the argument for Google I downloaded it via bittorrent Yes bittorrent has a use other than stealing music

Mr. Lessig used Keynote and iMovie to put it togeather go to his site to get the torrent and see how he made it.

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TiddlyWikki 2.0

Jeremy Ruston has released TiddlyWikki 2.0. A TiddlyWikky is a web page that you read in small chunks like a blog but is not presented sequentially rather it’s all hyper linked.  I’ve been working on a TiddlyWikki page since I discovered it last summer and the new build is a big step forward. There were times I wanted to pull my hair out from frustration but this new build is a lot better.

Jeremy has gotten the support of Ricoh Innovations, Inc. Sounds like they have backed him enough so he can quit his day job and work on TiddlyWikki full time. Good going Jeremy

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This morning I received my Hyperwords extension for Firefox. Hyperwords allows you to highlight any word on a web page then do a search for it, reference it, shop for it, map it, copy it, translate it or blog it. It’s the best thing to happen to Firefox since Firefox. Make sure you up grade to Firefox 1.5 before you install Hyperwods

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Apple Wow

I’m not and never have been a big apple fan but I watched Steve Jobs keynote at Macworld. Wow the new MacBook Pro looks fabulous.

Intel dual core processor, 15.4inch display, 100gig hard drive a weighs only 5 pounds and is 1inch thick. I got to get my hands on one of these. I can’t say I’m crazy about the name but hey I thought the ipod was a dumb name and they’ve sold a bunch of them.

Visit Apple to look them over

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Yahoo buys Webjay

I’ve been a big fan of online music stations. A year and a half ago I started with Launch on Yahoo and I love rating music. As you rate you refine the station seems like a good idea. Then I discovered Pandora it let me create multiple stations and gave me new music by artists I wasn’t familiar with.
Today reading Techcrunch I hear that Yahoo has bought Webjay hold on. Webjay I thought I was up on this stuff how did I miss Webjay.

You got to check this out people post their favorite play lists online to share. You can now access it through Yahoo Music Blog. This should be a great match.
How about Yahoo they have acquired Fliker, and now Webjay pretty impressive.

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Optimus keyboard to ship soon

Last summer the was a buzz about the Optimus keyboard. The best innovation in your computer input system since the invention of the mouse. Today I read that it will ship on February 1st.
Each key on the Optimus keyboard is made up of an array of organic light-emitting diodes . In a few key stokes you can change the appearence of the keyboard. Go from English alphabet to Russian to Photoshop
to Doom

It is thin elegant and wireless. Is that cool or what? I can’t wait to get my hands on one.

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Goodies at CES

The Raw Feed is reporting on Tosiba’s newest and very tiny hard drive 4 GB they are planning a 10 GB model.

tiny hard drive

They can do this because they are pioneering a new hard technology perpendicular magnetic recording. To read more go to Toshiba

Ployer reports that Palm is releasing the Treo 700. I’ve read some mixed reviews. I would love to try one out!

Treo 700

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Sony Electronic Book Reader

The first cool product out of this years CES is the Sony Electronic Book Reader. About the size of a paperback book but thinner (about 13mm 1/2 inch) it will hold hundreds of books in flash memory down loadable from the Internet. It will also be used to view blogs. Completly portable with long battery life this looks like a real break thou we should see it in stores this spring. I haven’t seen a price yet read more about it at Sony

Two things come to mind here first how will Sony react when people start downloading books via bit torrent. Oh you know it will happen. Second will book publishers set up their own version of the RIAA to try and crush what they view as a threat to their business.

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